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Virus Music established in 2006 as an independent record label. Possibilities Are Endless Distribution (PAED) opened to the public, that summer. PAED was a retail store in Glendale, AZ, with a small stage for live performances, and a recording studio in the back of the store. Virus Music released a compilation album that featured 10 artists from Arizona, called Arizona’s Under the Underground Complication. 

Virus Music sold its interests in PAED and teamed up with Intrinz Ink Records, combining to perform at live shows. Virus & Intrinzik made local history, selling a record-breaking number of presale tickets, in Arizona. In 2008, the pair developed Underground Hustlin’ (UGH), which became an immediate success.  

Virus Music set up a production studio at Twilight Elite Recording Studio in Glendale, AZ and began producing for the label. In 2009, Virus Music began to offer live sound services. The G Spot opened in Phoenix, where Virus Music functioned as a promoter and live sound coordinator. ​

The G Spot closed, and Virus Music began working at Pyramix Studios in Glendale, AZ. The two owners joined forces to lease the former location of The G Spot. The Axe, LLC was established in 2010, functioning as a retail store during the day, and a small size entertainment venue at night. 

After a few months of successfully operating, it was discovered that the building was not up to code, and The Axe was forced to close. Virus Music then dissolved the partnership and ended the relationship with Intrinzik Ink. Records. In 2012, Viral Beats was established (Phoenix, AZ), offering exclusive production and studio (DAW) training. In 2014, Virus Music relocated to the Washington State and M-Graphics was established.

Virus Music now functions as a multimedia company, offering a wide range of production services. Virus Music still functions as an independent record label, while VIRAL BEATS is continuing to grow and expand, on YouTube. 


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