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Established in 2012, VIRAL BEATS offers a wide range of audio production services, and has recently established a YouTube channel. Interacting within this space has shifted the focus of VIRAL BEATS to a more content-driven, community-based production company. What this means that instead operating locally out of a recording studio, we are bringing the entire process to the online community!           



$15 USD


57 loops and 61 "one-shot" 24-bit samples of hard-hitting drums and dark synthesizers from the Roland Fantom. Samples are processed through 4K SSL Legacy preamps.

$10 USD


30 custom synth patches from the Fantom n/zyme Model Expansion, processed through 4K SSL Legacy Preamps, at 24-bit/48K. This includes all of the Lil Tussinn samples as well.   

$10 USD

40 X 3

40 kicks, 40 snares, and 40 hats from the Roland Fantom, processed through 4k SSL Legacy Preamps, at 24-bit/44.1K .I'm a paragraph. 

VTDS LINK01-1 (2).jpg
need a beat-1 (1).jpg

Custom Beats (Exclusive) = $500-$1,000

Verse Vocals = $500

Chorus/Hook Vocals = $100

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Plugin Donation Fund:

Plugins can get expensive, especially with additions such as UVI, UAD, and recent Native Instrument plugins. As a smaller YouTube channel, VIRAL BEATS has to be very selective in what VST plugins we purchase. When it comes to the more expensive options such as Vengeance's Avenger or UVI's Falcon, there is a lot that remains unexplored. Rather that wait to become monetized before exploring these plugins, VIRAL BEATS has left this decision up to the viewers! 

Plugin Donation-1.jpg

The Plugin Donation Fund has a drop-down menu, so you could not only choose where your donation is going, but we will also put out a poll once we reach enough funds to make a purchase. This places the viewer in a unique position, to help dictate the  content of the VIRAL BEATS YouTube channel!     


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