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Virus grew up during the "Golden Era" of Hip-Hop, writing graffiti, and rapping with friends in the neighborhood. At the age of 13, he wrote his first song and began to perform at house parties during the weekends. After making a name for himself, Virus began making mix-tapes, using instrumentals and a Karaoke machine. In high school, battle rap and house parties were routine. After meeting the Phun Phamily, Virus started to perform at raves and house parties on a regular basis, doing hours long sets over D&B/Jungle and Hip-Hop.

Still using his graffiti name (Mr. Mask), Virus made an album using the Playstation MTV Music Generator. Intoxication was well received, and 200 copies were given away for free as a promotion. Shortly afterwards, Virus teamed up with DMS and MCT and began recording The Collective at Gray Room Recording Studio. In 2003, Professor Virus was complete and sold out on the streets in just a few months.

Virus returned to Gray Room and began working on The American Dream. Shortly after its release in 2005, Virus Music was launched and PAED opened to the public. Arizona's Under The Underground was released in 2006. Virus then collaborated with Intrinzik and released the single Area Code. Shorty after, the pair went on tour.

Upon returning from the Bad Mental Health Tour, Virus and Intrinzik took their performance to the main stage, shattering the records for ticket sales. Virus was featured in three songs on Intrinzik's Fallguy: Resurrec6t7on album. Shortly after, Virus began recording at Twilight Elite Recording Studio. In 2009, Developed Species was released.

During this time, Virus attended Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona for Audio Production Technologies and Music Business. Completing his work-study program in the Electronic Music Lab, Virus was also engineering sessions at Twilight Elite Recording Studio, and  running live sound for The G Spot, during the weekends. 

The following year, Virus Began working at Pyramix and The Axe, LLC opened in Phoenix, AZ. After The Axe closed, Virus dissolved the partnership with Intrinzik and began building a recording/production studio. In 2012, Viral Beats was established. Slick B.A.M. was the first project, to be released on Virus Music, in 2014. That same year, M Graphics was launched.

More than ten years after his last release, Genetic Mutation was completed in the summer of 2020, with a release date of October 12, 2020. Virus currently runs operations for Virus Music and has several albums that are scheduled for release, including the Favorite Shits series that feature unreleased songs and features from the past 25 years. 

With the addition of the Roland Fantom, Virus is operating the VIRAL BEATS YouTube channel, producing on the Fantom from scratch. Due to the frequency of live streaming, there are more than 300 projects, which is enough music to fill up several albums. These albums are currently being produced, and the process is being shared on YouTube.  

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